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Fairy Lights

Courage to act against stigma and discrimination associated with mental ill health.

Knowledge to educate and inform people to better understand mental health.

Empathy to connect and share yourself.


Peter Slater

Peter Slater is an accredited Instructor Member, approved by MHFA England to deliver Adult MHFA. Peter also offers endorsed Mental Awareness courses structured for businesses.



MHFA Training

Courses that can be delivered online or face to face to build delegates' knowledge and understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing


Mental Health Awareness Courses

1.5 or 2.5 hour courses structured for all staff levels



Consultancy services for organisations in order to recognise effective opportunities to imbed mental health and wellbeing


Friends Talking

“What we thought we could rely upon is no longer, our certainties and fixed points of reference are torn adrift, and in their place, our fears and anxieties grow more insistent. Now, more than ever, an understanding and an awareness of what mental health and its opposite consist of, as well as of what we can do to support, to restore, and to maintain mental health, must be a central focus of our education and of our training.”

~ David Perridge, Head of Staff Development and Outreach, West Heath School

Mental Health Emergency Support Contacts

If you feel like harming or hurting yourself or other people, call 999 or go to your nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E)


If you need medical help fast but it's not a 999 emergency, NHS 111 is the free number to call. They can direct you to your local crisis support services, and offer health advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Telephone: 111 • Website:

Support Group Meeting

Value Proposition


• 30+ years working in fast paced business environment •

• Lived experience of people with severe mental ill health •

• Direct business experience using skills as a Mental Health First Aider •

• Successfully spearheaded a mental health campaign in a large organisation •

• Understanding of organisational business challenges from holding senior roles •

• Understanding of inclusion and diversity in business from being Divisional Head of D&I •

• Personal understanding of how physical issues can impact mental health after being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in 2011 •

• Client service excellence track record from being Divisional Head of Client Service in a large organisation •


“We had a great experience with Peter and Caroline on our recent Mental Health First Aid Course. They led an authentic and constructive session, sharing their own experiences and creating a safe space to talk openly. The customer service was very professional and we were so impressed we are planning to work with them again to roll out further training in the future.”  



“We asked PJS Bright-Light Ltd to run some manager training for us. The aim was to make sure all managers had a base level of knowledge on mental health and equip them with some tangible ways they can support their teams. PJS Bright-Light Ltd delivered. We received lots of positive feedback. In particular, Caroline was very accessible and credible. The content was pitched at the right level and was the right amount of time for our people.”

~ Artemis Fund Manager


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Night Lights

“Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness, more so now than ever. As so many of our coping mechanisms (socialising, travelling, playing) have been taken away by isolation, the need for education in this field is crucial to our wellbeing. 

As someone with 20 plus years of listening to people in crisis all over the world, the need for an increase in awareness, education and support in the field of mental health is needed more than ever.

Hostage situations place people under extraordinary stress, they are isolated, can’t see family, can’t travel, have no control and are hemmed in. Sound familiar? We will see an increase in people suffering from the effects of the pandemic, education, support and resources are going to be essential if we are to help mitigate these effects.

24/7 social media, news and work all increase our stress levels without the ability to let off steam that is denied to millions of people right now and the results will be poorer mental health. Education, support and resources are needed immediately and for the long term.”

~ Chris White, International Hostage Negotiator and Mental Fitness Practitioner

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